Jun. 26th, 2009

lolamatopoeia: (inconceivable!)
So I went out and bought a teeny weeny video camera (in black - they didn't have yellow in stock) today. I loooove it so far - but it's so freaking weird to see yourself on video! I've got to try to get used to this:

Witness the goof on camera )

I'm super excited to use this little doohickey in South East Asia, although I've been having one heck of a time trying to upload the darn videos. Flickr doesn't seem to recognize the device's format for some reason (it's the Kodak ZX1) but apparently they're working on it. I've uploaded this one to Vimeo in the meantime, but their storage space is pretty limited compared to Flickr's. We'll see what works out in the next while. I'm hoping I can get the hang of this before I hop on the jet plane. Any suggestions?

It's packing time this weekend! Wooo!


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