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Today was an excellent day. We took a kayaking and caving tour with an ecotourism company and it was great. Our guides were excellent and the whole tour was um, great.

I need more adjectives for these entries.

Kayaking was heaps of fun and heaps of challenging. I was in the back and steering because I had kayaked before and am a bit stronger, but Bianca's aggressiveness in the front kept counteracting my efforts and between the two of us stubborn girls we had to be rescued from the reeds twice.

We ate lunch with some baby pigs, a co-guide for the day from Germany (he and his wife are doing an around the world tour for their honeymoon), and a nice girl named Gen from Australia. Despite my claustrophobia I went in the caves with the rest of the group after the man from Pennsylvania said to me "Oh, me too - I actually hate caves, but I'm not coming all the way here just to say I didn't do it". Damn right, I thought. Damn right. I went in, and then I almost drowned. It was sooooo much fun!
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