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I'm feeling really down today, so instead of making a post telling you about how utterly depressed I am about where my life is going I'll focus on the things that make me feel good, like this video:

The first time I watched this, around three years back, I could not control myself from squeeling, blushing, nearly fainting, jumping up and down, squeeling more, sweating, nearly crying, having to turn away from the screen intermittenly, and losing my ability to speak or breathe. I lost complete control of myself. I was in the backroom at work, at the coffee shop, and I could not settle down. It was, um, embarassing. Damn.

Oh, and yes - he wrote the song, and then gave it away. I've got a live version on my ipod. Uh, yes. You're welcome.
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I just found myself crying here on the couch watching a video of Springsteen performing last night on the Daily Show. He did an acoustic version of 'Working on a Dream', complete with harmonica, and I turned into a weeping mess. Over the past few years his music, his perspective, and everything about him has had a profound effect on me and has helped me through so much; helped me to see my situation just a bit more clearly and get into it and appreciate it and fight it. I can't explain it. Somehow the man just has a way of tearing at my guts and making me pump my fists and weep.

Also, I just found out he's a Libra. I don't know why I didn't know that. That little fact just confirmed in me the knowledge that Bruce Springsteen epitomizes everything I find attractive in the opposite sex. Fucking Boss.
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I haven't posted any pictures of myself in a while. Thanks, [ profile] rainingkisses for reminding me! Tonight I received a package in the mail from communitea graphics that I had been waiting on FOREVER but it was actually only a few days - I just really freaking love the shirt, as you can see:

Me and the Boss

and a few more for the hell of it, and because Tudor almost deleted all of these )

Have I ever told you about how much I love Bruce Springsteen, by the way?


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