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For a few days every month, I bleed from my crotch. No, I do not get a 'monthly visit from Aunt Flo' or any 'little friend', I bleed from my uterus as it passes parts of its lining and blood cells through my vagina every month.

Right now, my crotch is bleeding. I don't really have a problem with it, nor do I hold any resentment for it (even back when the bleeding would get so bad I'd be in cold sweats, screaming on the floor and head over the toilet, out of commission for days, passing what looked like alien life forms from my insides), and, having an active sex life I actually look forward to its regularity. Ahem. However much I might say I enjoy the bloody things though, during these red-tinted times I look forward to the blissfuly sanitary feeling of a hard warm shower at least once a day just to keep on top of things. It only makes sense.

And so, this morning as I was about to hop into my much-needed shower, I slipped off my socks and maxi-pad filled panties and dropped them on the light tile floor, I was in a pretty good mood. I stopped for a second to observe the blood-clotted specimen I'd produced, turned my foot and took a step toward the tub. As I moved my body in slow motion from my current position to the shower though, my right foot slid on a towel, throwing me off my axis and forcing my left foot to land directly in the blood-drenched diaper. Squish. I felt my foot get warm and wet instantly and I quickly lifted myself out of the bloody mess but ended up doing a little dance between tub and cupboards that ended with blood splatters and red footprints on light tile floor, light coloured towel, light coloured socks, and a stream of blood running steadily down my leg. A solo menstrual murder scene. Myself and my bathroom were directly confronted, and covered, with my body's feminine defect.

Sometimes you just have to stop and laugh at yourself.
Especially when you're bloody and naked, cleaning your bathroom floor with the shower running and your dog sniffing at the door.


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