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Sweet Hillside Kisses Yeah, so I'm behind on posting. The Hillside Festival was weeks ago and I just finished processing the few pictures I took. Go see them if you'd like. I didn't take so many this year, I took so many last year and they would have been pretty much the same except for maybe a few exceptions. Or, maybe I was just lazy this year. Next year there'll be more.

I don't have much to say, really. It was good, just really good. It felt different than last year somehow, but maybe that's simply because it was all so new to me last year and everything was a new discovery and a new experience. This year it all just seemed to go by too quickly and I don't know how. It was just different, Tudor and I agreed that it had a different vibe this year and we both didn't know how to explain it. A different crowd maybe. Not bad, just different. In any case, I had one hell of a lot of fun, especially with:

- the blazing hot sun to toast us all day
- learning about feeding dogs raw food instead of garbage kibble
- learning how to make hemp bracelets with Nicki and some disgruntled teenagers
- meeting with many friends and newlyweds for drinks and stories and music love
- naked babies
- corn on the cob
- the sun stage and women talking of abortions
- Hank & Lily and their pure awesomeness shouting 'I'd shave my balls for you' with deer antlers and gas masks
- women breastfeeding beside me
- Matt Mays pulling through a difficult performance despite jarring acoustics and dropped microphones
- organic lemonade and frozen yoghurt
- cuddling on blankets
- dancing in the grass, in the sun and in the moonlight, with the greatest partner I could ever ask for
- the lovely Sarah Harmer singing us to the end of the night.
- campfires with bartered wood.

There is more, but that's all I can remember now. It was good times, folks. I can't wait for next time. Next year I'm seriously thinking of running a workshop and I'm pretty excited about that, as well as everything else that'll likely be going on at Hillside.

Oh, and make sure to check out Tudor and Regan's excellent photos from the event as well. They can tell a story better than myself. Go seek! I'll see you all there again next year!


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