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Lately, I've been:
- frequently camping out at school office for peace, quiet and tea.
- making new and great friends and spending time with my ever-lovely sister.
- getting depressed and anxious about the early acceptance letters to PhD programs sent to colleagues/friends/fellow students while my own mailbox remains empty.
- wishing I'd applied to the school which hates me in the city which I hate after witnessing such a huge beckoning/grab in apparently huge program here, at least for the sake of getting in somewhere rather than ending this life as someone's secretary or barista.
- eating discounted Valentine's Day remnants.
- missing cuddles and company, sleeping with a teddy bear and other manufactured mammals for comfort.
- accumulating my hatred for 18th century literature and asshat literary theory ever further.
- (not-so) secretly reading magic realist Canadian Lit. until 3AM when I should be working on presentations.
- sporadically allowing my mind to freak me out about the double-decker seminar presentations I have to perform on Monday and Tuesday, respectively.
- taking out frustrations on sweet and unassuming partner who deserves nothing but praise, support, laughter, kisses, smiles, bed days, and bathtime (among many other things, including woodland adventures!).
- not updating my weblog.

- Woke up feeling like death after passing out in reading not-so secret books in bed in the early morning.
- put on hat and clothes, biked to school in the rain.

10:30 - 11:30AM
- Met with Professor to talk about my upcoming presentation about cracks, big jugs, blouses and 'one flea spare'. Left her office with a book she loaned to me, knowing I'd met my newest feminist public performance-oriented academic role model.

11:30AM - 1:15PM
- Biked home in the rain in hopes of taking a nap upon couch. Once home, decided to eat junk food and stare into space(/the living room wall) instead.

- Biked to gynocologist since bloody sex and random cramping isn't as fun as it sounds. The doctor, nurse, and resident there were pleased to inform me (altogether now), after fiddling with and bruising my insides to the point of near tears yet again, that all of tests came up negativo and that the hole they'd cut out of me more than a month ago has (finally/actually) fully healed.  I raised my eyebrow at them, I did.

2:20PM - 4:20PM
- Gave myself a bit of a break. Realized that I'd informed my Professor that I wouldn't be able to attend her class that afternoon because of the expected length of today's appointment, and now that said appointment finished so very early I could actually go home and nap and/or wander around/make myself a healthy meal before my evening class.
- biked around downtown London in the rain because the thought of going to school or work was more depressing than failed presentations and dim futures. Flew by long-lost Meredith on the way.
- bought myself some spices, headbands, candy, cheap winter accessories (hat, scarf/tube like thing, fleece headband/tube like thing), and some slippers which were made to look like dead puppy dogs wearing sweaters.

4:30-6:30PM, 7-10PM
- Biked home in the rain wearing new winter accessories and carrying spices and puppies in a bag. Returned home to find roommates watching Oprah talk about racism, families, and make-up with her guests.
- cooked myself a great dinner for the first time in a long time - a slight replica of Nadine's lovely stirfry and spicy peanut noodles she made for us a few weeks ago.
- biked back to school to watch a movie at 7PM with the film class I assist in, hiding myself in my new hat and developing a slight arousal for handlebar mustaches.

10PM - present 
- Entered office and set up my desk for tea and presentation preparations. Put my feet inside the squishy fabric guts of puppies.
- distracted myself with the evils of wireless internet, pretending to work and feeling guilty about lack of productivity while the effects of little sleep started to set in.
- spilled (no, dumped) my full glass of tea all over the front of my workstation - my lap, my slippers, my books, my papers, my role model Professor's book, and my computer. Her book has little damage save a slight discolouration along the edge while my books are wrinkled, stained, and soaked through, and my computer is doing very troubling things (like retarding the functions of my touchy mouse pad thing and keeping the battery light on as charging when the machine has been plugged in for hours).
- I think it's time to go home.

the boob

Jan. 18th, 2006 09:51 am
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Is it so wrong that I'd rather watch a pretty girl younger than myself get her mammaries mildly molested at an awards ceremony, or view images of rich and famous people I don't know who either need some support or some deflation than read a large 18th century novel which will make up a part of a twenty-page essay due in twelve wee days?*

Yes. Yes, it most definitely is.

Especially since I've yet to type a single sentence related to said essay in my word processor. Especially since I woke up in a cold panic early this morning having dreamt that the next twelve days had magically disappeared as a result of poor time management. Especially since I only faintly remember my alarm clock whispering 'GET THE HELL OUTTA BED INGRATE' this morning, between dreams, as I had fallen asleep with earplugs in my ears yet again. Especially since certain visitors from Waterloo will be a-visiting in a few days and this lady needs to dance!

So Laura, it is now the time to stop gazing at boobies and get to work, for goodness' (and lord academia's) sake. Now wipe that damn smirk off your face and make yourself a coffee.

*as a side note, was it so wrong that I laughed near urination at the story of a man reading a poem entitled 'Ode to the First Woman Who Swallowed My Cum' at the Grad club, while the other feminists in the room scowled?


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