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I accomplished maybe about three out of the ten to twenty things I had aimed to do today. I wanted to make meals for the week, scrub up, clean, start the process of reformatting my hard drive, do finances, etc. Nope. But hey, at least I did some laundry, watched LotR (Fellowship), and watched the Oscars too. I've felt like crap all day. I didn't sleep well at all last night since I drank caffeine in the afternoon yesterday. I smashed a left-over glass of red wine off of the coffee table this morning and stupid red wine went EVERYWHERE. I haven't been outside, which is awful of me. I've been a complete grump all day.

My Oscar two cents:

Slumdog Millionaire was great, but c'mon did it have to win, like, everything? Ok, ok, it was pretty friggin' great.

Watching two or more people accept an award together makes me uncomfortable. I always feel sorry for the second guy/girl to the microphone - will they get a chance to speak too? C'mon first guy, shut the hell up!

I felt sorry for the guys nominated up against Heath Ledger.

I have no desire to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Well, maybe I will a few years from now when the hype is completely over and I can be good and disappointed.

Mickey Rourke should have won for Best Actor. He was brilliant. I'm happy for Sean Penn and all (his acceptance speech was powerful and fantastic), but c'mon - Mickey Rourke!

Glad Kate Winslet won (finally - she's amazing) although I always get the sinking feeling that Best Actress/Actor wins are the kiss of death for actors so it also makes me kind of sad and anxious for her. So hey, maybe it's a good thing Mickey didn't win this time - although, when's there going to be a next time for Mickey?

Again, I've been a grump like this all day. I'm a gonna go to beds now. G'night.


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