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So I've been stressed lately. Yeah, stressed. Here's what been happening in my life:

time for some catch up )

I have got so much more to post about to catch up on things but this has become way, way, way too long as it is.

Alright, off to take the dogs out and then research camera staps and rain jackets for a few hours.

Oh, wait, I keep forgetting - it's my birthday tomorrow. I'm 27. I'm feeling very old. It's all downhill from here, but I can't recall an uphill. Maybe I'll just keep forgetting and hope other people do too.
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This weekend, we (me, Tudor, and the dogs) made the long trip up to North Bay. I wanted to check out the town and the university campus, but the main goal this weekend was to find a place for me to stay this Fall. I needed that out of the way since I'll be leaving on my trip soon and won't be coming back until mid August or so. Speaking of the trip, I really need to plan that. It turns out that I'll be going to SE Asia with a friend after all - that means I need to get shots and gear and finances lined up and plans. Ah!

Anyway, the weekend )

Right now, unfortunately, I'm sick. I've been sick on and off this weekend and it really kicked in when we got home yesterday. Being sick right now just ticks me off more than anything because I've got so so much to do. Soooooo much to do!


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