Feb. 14th, 2009

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I finally watched 'The Wrestler' last night. Wow. Incredible. I don't really have any way to describe it other than to steal from the description on the cover and tell you that it's a deeply affecting movie. It's one of those movies that stick with you for a while after seeing it. It is such a fantastically, wonderfully, constructed character study. I can't stop thinking about it, it's all over my head now, and it's good ... I haven't had this feeling for a film in a while. Mesmerized. It's beautiful and perfect. I can't even write about it anymore. Watch it. You will understand.


Plans got cancelled for Valentine's day tonight. We were supposed to go to a burlesque show with friends, but tickets were sold out. It sucks since I haven't seen burlesque performed before and was looking forward to it - I bought bright red liptick for the show and everything! Ah well, I can always find somewhere else to wear it. Like EVERYWHERE!

I'm now spending Valentine's day having a 'laptop party' on my couch with my boyfriend and friend/housemate while watching episode after episode of 'Clone High'.


My indecisiveness reared it's ugly head again today in the form of black dress shoes. The aim was to buy a cheap pair of black shoes for the show tonight and I couldn't decide so I bought both pairs I was contemplating and am going to make a decision in the next day or so and return one of them. One is a pair of black heels with a super pointy toe that apparently every girl should have but that I don't really feel comfortable in although my friends and also fashion shows would tell me otherwise. They're pretty and feminine, but they're just not me. The other pair are a pair of flats that are sort of like ballet slippers but that have a pointed (but not drastically pointed) toe. They're simple and comfortable in a dressy way. I feel more comfortable in them, but I'm thinking of just returning them and getting a better quality pair of loafers or mary janes that I can wear anytime (with black). All of this is just stupid though since both pairs cost less than twenty dollars.

I'm a terrible shopper since I tend to go with pure emotion and instinct with purchases. If I love it right away I buy it and don't need the opinion of anyone else. If I'm unsure about it at all I do things like I did today. I have this idea in my head that the clothes and accessories I buy say something about me as a person. I know, this is just wrong. I'm not vain, I'm not in to trends and fashion, I just still care too much about what other people think. It's embarrassing. The kicker is that I am also an incredibly lazy dresser and take about five minutes or less to get dressed in the morning. I don't want to think about it. If I let myself think about it too much I just get sweaty anxiety attacks. Self esteem issues? No!


I had an odd, but vivid dream about typewriters last night. Multiple typewriters with separate keypads were available to me and they were beautiful. According to internet dream dictionaries this means that I should be a writer. I think I'll need more practice - a LOT more practice - to consider myself anywhere near that, ever. I think that I might just have a thing for typewriters.


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