Feb. 24th, 2009

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I spent most of my today staring at spreadsheets at work. Mainly I just rearranged data and made them seem easier on my eyes. The new MS Office makes everything look so good. The new fonts and themes are just so ... pretty. Calibri font ftw! Calibri everywhere, all the time! Calibri! It's too bad the whole suite and system is such a slimy piece of bloatware.


I felt a teeny bit productive today. Finally. I cancelled my OSAP application so that I can apply for a new one to accommodate the new deferred July start date for NZ. I also filled out a health check questionnaire over the phone for insurance coverage on the big-big loan, and I checked in to an RRSP plan thingy for my education savings. Woo!


Oh! And I've been going for long walks with the dog lately because we're both getting fat and listless and that bitch (ahem) has no respect for me.

I think that I've decided (there it is again) I'm going to sign up for both a 'Learn to Run' clinic at the Running Room (I actually do not know how to run properly and have always wanted to be a Runner) and a Pilates class within the month to take advantage of the wellness package I receive at work. Honestly, I think that I'm the only one there actually planning to use the package at all. Ha!

I want to be strong and lean. I'm at a stagnant point with my body where I lost that huge amount of weight and now I'm thinking that I could do even better for myself. I'm honestly not fat, by any means really. I've got the weight off now, I just want to tone up and be more physically fit.


I just found out that KW Little Theatre has a call for auditions for an upcoming play and I wouldn't be able to perform in it even if I got a part since the show start in July. Gargh! Wants to be in a play! Wants to find out about the doctor application so she can officially move on (or not)!


Also, today I made the startling revelation that I look really awesome in coral nail polish. Next: lipstick. I know, it's all very exciting.


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