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I've been being so superficially productive lately! I mean, who cares if I haven't showered, shaved, or read significant amounts of school-related anything in a little while? I've baked! I've cleaned! I've read far more interesting materials!

My campus bookstore is having their annual booksale this year and the prices of certain texts are so ridiculously cheap, it's wonderful, refreshing, even! I was late for all of my appointments the day I discovered the sale. While I was pissed to see one of my course books on sale for 3.99 while I'd paid something like 21.95 for it a few months ago, I consoled my eager self by purchasing the previously too darned expensive The Joy of Cooking for 6.99 and a book about an imaginary beer-drinking, closet-dwelling giraffe named Jim who gives some British bloke advice on how to better fuck his wife, which I just couldn't bear to pass up. I'll be diving into that one as soon as I've finished my current distraction from texts such as this and this.

Also, with the combination of a few holiday gift cards and my sister's employee discount, I was finally able to get my hands on Gayla Trail's lovely gem of a gardening guide-book, You Grow Girl. I'm ridiculously excited about the prospect of growing my own herbs and watching my baby plants grow, joining a community garden, and making my new home a palace of greenery and no longer the palace of plant deaths! You Grow Girl

I cleaned my room last night and now it smells like oranges instead of assholes!

I made banana muffins today, via Lady Sra's recipe, because I don't eat my spotty bananas fast enough and I prefer baking to reading more theory, and they turned out fantasmically! I ate three just now!

Also, here's a vagina snake for you (taken from her(/e)):
Vagina Snake
Take that!


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